1. martinodv's Avatar
    My company gave me a Bold 9700 with 6 OS.

    The superfluous, sliding windows drive me mad.
    Up, down, left, right. It's like wrestling the proverbial greasy pig.

    Is there a theme with 24 icons and a drop down "today" please?

    I really don't care about pretty wallpaper or cute icons.
    I just need it robust and working with less "chase the icon" button pushes.
    I'll even pay

    09-22-11 04:44 AM
  2. Phill_UK's Avatar
    Check out the themes forum... http://forums.crackberry.com/blackberry-themes-f16/

    As you're running OS6, you can also use themes for the 9780 and OS6 themes for the 9650 as they all share the same 480x360 screen resolution.

    I'm sure you'll find something you like there... if not, post a request in that forum.

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    09-22-11 05:04 AM
  3. martinodv's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip.

    I'd looked already. Lots of pretty stuff.

    Nothing that actually does the job.

    09-23-11 04:28 AM
  4. jbeachy's Avatar
    I find the Favorites tab useful to eliminate most of the chase-icons-around-the-sliding-trays syndrome :-). It would be nice if I could set Favorites to display when I click the red Home button.

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    09-23-11 09:14 AM
  5. GeorgeRussos's Avatar
    Or, you could downgrade to OS5 anytime, you know. As I see it, the user experience is better.
    09-23-11 03:35 PM
  6. jbeachy's Avatar
    I actually prefer OS6 to anything I've used before. Universal Search makes up for a lot of stuff I might night like so well, which actually isn't much. Sliding trays are ok by me :-) OS6 imitates some of the gestures used on touch-screen devices, so I'm ok with that.

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    09-23-11 06:03 PM