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    Ok, so it's almost 2010. The year of flying cars, living amongst aliens and year June Jetson should actually be a senior citizen.

    We have things we want, and things that would be fun for our blackberry's. You'd think they could do some of these....but be inventive. Think future (because it is the future).

    1. Water Proof Blackberry - They can make a watch that goes to 200 ft under water, but not a phone? Com'on RIM...a little conformal coating, gaskets and bingo...water resistant at least!

    2. Infa red technology not just blue tooth. Zap someone your info, change the channels on your tv or any remote controled device.

    3. Cloaking device to keep us out of trouble with our significant other who thinks we hold our blackberry's more than them!

    4. Eye movement technology. Move your eyes across the screen, that moves your cursor. Blink and it acts as a click! lol. Hey, it could happen. No more trackballs failing, wet trackpads sticking...

    5. On phone theme changers. Choose your background, theme type, how many icons on any given screen and even choose standard icons for bb software and of course...MORE FOLDER options including uploading your own folder or icons for all of these.

    6. Smudge proof screens for all models.

    Thats it for now...come up with more...just for fun...why not!

    Wait! one more.

    7. Program in voice commands for web sites and apps..."Crackberry" and you go right to our favorite site!
    12-10-09 10:00 AM
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    How about a microwave emitter? Heat up cold food in an instant and give everyone in the room skin cancer and 3rd degree burns.

    But seriously... I think a taser could be incorporated pretty easily. It would be good for protection (no one expects to get shocked by a phone), well disguised and would probably increase battery longevity.
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    12-10-09 11:22 AM
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    I think fingerprint or eye recognition so your phone only operates for you. And find a better way to seal the lens so dust doesn't get under it. My two cents of fun.

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    12-10-09 11:57 AM