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    While it might not overload YOUR brain it is not simple to use sorry deal with it. If it just sat on a kiosk display with no one to guide you and you had no prior knowledge of how to use the phone you'd end up just like these people http://mashable.com/2013/01/30/black...10-first-time/

    This is why the iPhone and iPad is so powerful, and why Apple products like Macs are held in such high regard. Its simply easy enough to pick up and use that literally ANYONE can use it, and yet its capabilities grow as the user learns more about the OS and is extended through apps. Android manufacturers have started moving in this direction but i can't tell you how many times i've had people with Android phones come up to me and ask how to do certain things or what they're there for.
    I would have to agree...in terms of ease of use, I would have to rank Apple clearly at the top, followed by Android and BB at the bottom. I always think about ease of use in terms of trying to show my mother how to use the phone. She picked up on the iPad easily after a day. I don't see her picking up Android and figuring out how to use all the little functions that it will do, and I definitely don't see her figuring out and enjoying all of the swiping gestures on the Z10.

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    It is interesting that the Z10 won on performance and features and the iPhone only won popularity and reviews. The Z10 is too new to have any popularity or to even have many reviews. Some points even contradict one another. The Blackberry is given a plus for having a bigger screen, but the iPhone is given points for being smaller. So which is better a big screen or a small device? Size is subjective and really has no place in this comparison other than to state their sizes so people can draw their own conclusion.
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    These "easy to pick up and use "pro-iPhone/anti-BB10 arguments surprise me. There's no doubt one can learn to ride a tricycle faster than learning to drive a car but look at what people have opted for. It's not how quickly you can learn something...it's how much benefit the device will give you long-term and is the learning curve worth that benefit.
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    I read this review when it was first released, but just looked at the overall scores again...and does anyone notice the ONLY reason the iPhone 5 comes out on top is because it is more popular and has better reviews...and reviews is probably a lot based on perception...so once BB10 gains traction, the popularity of the phone will increase and then the reviews will get better once the masses say they like it...

    Basically its high school and the iphone 5 is the cool sporty dude and the Z10 is the super smart and intelligent 9th grader or isn't so popular but has endless potential...wait till the iPhone graduates high school and is just an alcoholic and had its best years in high school, and compare it to the now 12th grader getting ready to graduate at the top of the class and going to the most prestigious school!

    BB10 will gain popularity and iPhone will lose it
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