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    I agree that it is very odd to see iPhone app prices at much lower price points than BB apps. I'll bring up points I had brought up before:

    To get BIS-B access, it costs $2K plus Alliance 45+ points. You then have to have multiple BB models for testing (emulators are fine until you need to test for individual phones). You're not buying phones at a discount, so look at $300-$500 a pop.

    Let's say you are developing for the Storm line only, and you use your BB Storm, so you got it for $149. You only had to pay $2,150 to get into the BB deveopment game, plus jump through hoops to gain proper internet data access.

    Now you want to get into developing apps for all BB devices. You now have to get a Tour, Bold, 8900, 8220, 8120, 8130, 8320, 8330, and any other BB you want to support. You now have to end up paying another $2,400-$4,000 just to support all other BB models.

    If you sell your app for $2.99, how long is it going to take to see a profit? You'll get about $2 from each sale, so you won't see a profit until you sell at least 2,300 apps. Factor in everything you have to to for alliance points and you'll have to sell many many more just to make a profit.

    Want to develop for the iPhone, pay your $100 annual fee, plus have one iPhone. For as little as $200 (and no hoops to jump through), you can start developing. It's no wonder some companies jumped on board with developing iPhone apps and haven't gone the BB route.

    Sure, you can develop apps for BB for a lot less, if you don't need a data connection, or don't need it to run on many different BB models. Big development companies wouldn't have the same problem since they have more resource to start from. A one-person shop - well you have a lot of start-up costs and be able to support all the different phones, or suffer the wrath of all the people wondering where the Storm version is, why it doesn't work with OS 4.x....
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