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    I was at a bar yesterday for a friend's BDay party and I handed this girl my Z10 to take a picture. She made an annoyed face, "Ugh an android!" I said, no, it's a BlackBerry. Her face turned to curiosity as she looked at the phone and took the picture. After she swipe left and right, she gave it back saying, it's pretty cool, I didn't know they have a touch screen. How do you like it? I told her I love it. Here, see all my messages are in one place and to get to it all I have to do is this... She was impressed and talked about how BlackBerry, RIM are going down for the last few years. I said, yeah but they're back, this is a whole new OS and I bought a lot of stocks. She was like no, they going down, they're like nothing. I said yeah, they were, last year it was like $6-7 but now they're, 15-16, they're making profits and doing a lot better, man, if their stock goes back to over a hundred, well, even to 50, I'd quit my job!

    Anyway, I had similar discussions often with different friends, only a few know anything about BlackBerry and I only know two ppl waiting for the Q10. And exactly two friends said maybe I'll get a Z10 when my contract is up and the OS is stabilized after I compared it to their iPhone. We only compare the UI and the camera. Talked about battery life and apps which became less important when they saw the functionality of the Z10, however, the cons were that there's no bank apps for me to deposit checks. I need Wells Fargo or any bank that has an app to deposit checks and I can move the money to my main account.

    So thought I'd share this I think a lot of Z10 users have similar experience.

    Pic that was taken.
    Friend shocked it was BlackBerry-img_00000212.jpg

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    05-12-13 11:30 AM
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    A dude on the bus saw me using my Z10 (Crackberry app of course) and asked me if i was using the Z. I said yeah, then he asked what i though of it, and i told him. Then he said Blackberry shot themselves in the foot by not releasing a quad core at launch. I asked why and he said well Quad core is faster, lol... and that Samsung will win because of the S4.

    Then i gave him the 8 process multitasking/HUB super demo (Movie, browser, weather, ) sliding in and out of the hub from out side apps, from inside apps and his jaw dropped. Then I explained to him that cores are useless if they are not used. Then i asked him if he thought having 4core, 8 core or even 16 core would make the experience any smoother.. he said probably not.

    His expression was priceless.. like cold water was splashed on his face and it just froze. He wasn't expecting that..

    I felt like a BOSS!
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    05-12-13 12:40 PM
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    Thanks for the post, OP. I actually had a similar experience with a friend whose last BlackBerry was a 9800 Torch. She had migrated to the iPhone 4S.

    Since I owned both a blackberry Z10 and a iPhone 4S, I was showing her differences with both phones side by side and she was amazed at how far BlackBerry had come with the Z10. Even though she is not getting a Z10, she was totally impressed with the phone and now has a positive opinion of BlackBerry.

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    05-12-13 12:43 PM
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    Nice photobomb with the girl on the right lol

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    05-12-13 12:54 PM

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