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    Hi, everybody. My friend got a refurb Bold from AT&T that she's had for about two weeks now. I just found out there's a few odd things wrong with it, and I'm THINKING there's an IT policy on the phone, but I want some confirmation before I advise her of what to do.

    She doesn't have a Blackberry Browser, just MediaNet. I noticed when she was sitting beside me and accessed her browser, because the background turned orange. We've resent service books AND did the Host Routing Table and it still won't get a regular BB Browser.

    Also, when she goes through set-up wizard and clicks email setup, the only option it gives her is to add a BES email address and no option for a BIS/personal address.

    IT policy? Yes/no? Am I totally overlooking something or are we gonna have to take a trip to an AT&T store for an exchange?

    P.S. Edited to add a few things I missed.

    We don't have 3G around here yet, so we're still on EDGE. She has trouble locking onto a data signal though and only gets edge most of the time.

    And she's running OS, the out-of-the-box OS.

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    Sounds like an IT policy to me. Check out this thread for how to remove it:

    03-10-09 05:46 PM
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    Thanks, Kronk. That's what I figured. Unfortunately I'm not comfortable with going in to do all that on the phone, so I'm probably gonna get my friend to call AT&T about it to see if they'll replace.

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