02-25-13 10:54 AM
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  1. DatMisterB's Avatar
    I will chime in here. on maybe the second day of me having the Z10 the orientation screen flipped and froze while in transition. I did a hard reset and it hasn't happened since... it's been a couple of weeks now.

    On a new note, I convinced my friend to buy a Z10 and as I was chatting with her in BBM today she has had her phone freeze on her. she even said there was a blue screen of death, and she is forced to do a hard reset. it has happened a few times tonight, in fact. I told her I will look at it tomorrow... might have to do a factory reset. Odd, cuz I have not heard of a blue screen error anywhere in these forums or in the help forums. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to cobtribute. I feel that the factory reset will fix things.
    Perhaps it's just a "lemon" device.
    02-21-13 11:27 PM
  2. tharrison4815's Avatar
    It does sound like there is a correlation between using bedside mode and various issues.

    I've not had any freezing/restarting issues since the first couple of days when I was experimenting with everything including bedside mode.

    I've not used bedside mode since as I don't actually have a need for it and I've had no issues since.

    Posted via CB10
    02-22-13 04:16 AM
  3. bbqkid8's Avatar
    So I've been on my friend's Z10 trying to get this "blue screen" that she has been getting. I haven't been able to duplicate the problem and I have been hammering at the phone for over an hour now. Actually, I'm quite impressed at what this phone can handle :P So I'm not sure what she saw or what's been going on... in any case, I still did a battery pull, pulled out and re-inserted the sim card just for good measure. Still no freezing or blue screen. I held off on the security wipe for now just because I wasn't able to duplicate the problem. I'm hoping that the phone is ok now... although she says she will bring it in for an exchange.
    02-22-13 10:28 AM
  4. reeneebob's Avatar
    There are threads (and reports) of the device freezing (on the lock screen or the browser screen) requiring a hard reset.
    Happened to me three times over the weekend. None since then. Has been reported on supportforums.blackberry.com also.
    Our demo one is bad for that. It's a little embarrassing when trying to show it to a customer.

    Sent from my Galaxy S 3 via JB 4.2.2 - thanks Tasks AOKP!
    02-22-13 11:00 AM
  5. SuperionMaximus's Avatar
    From my experience with the Z10 since launch the clock app does seem to be the source of allot of the freezing issues. You don't have to do a battery pull to fix it though. Just lock the phone with the power button at the top, then press same button again to get to the lock screen and launch the camera app since you won't be able to slide up to unlock.

    Another odd issue that for me that has just started a couple days ago is that the settings menu is taking around 15 seconds to come up after tapping either the icon or the shortcut in the network settings drop down menu. I thought the phone had crashed because 15 seconds is a LOONNGG time to wait for an app to launch and while waiting for it to come up the screen is totally black. I only realized the phone was still running because I could minimize the settings app still and wait for it to appear in the active frame.

    10.1 had better come out before the US launch as there are some rough edges here and there still and I want to see BlackBerry make a real strong comeback even in the USA.
    02-22-13 11:17 AM
  6. whitbags's Avatar
    SuperionMaximus wrote: Just lock the phone with the power button at the top, then press same button again to get to the lock screen and launch the camera app since you won't be able to slide up to unlock.
    Yes, that is what I had been doing. Interestingly, it has stopped freezing from BS mode now. I find you can flick the BS clock into an active frame and can then dismiss it.
    02-22-13 12:01 PM
  7. geraldryan's Avatar
    No probs at all with mine apart from the delay in getting my screen protector!!! have the phone 4 days now, hasnt let me down once!! mind you my other 3 Blackberrys over the years havent let me down either, I keep them all charged up so i can look back on the old photos and vids which I have never transferred from one to the other.!!!
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    02-22-13 05:48 PM
  8. alhassan90's Avatar
    I've been having an issue with it and it started about a week after I got it, the screen goes black, you can't unlock it, the only thing that comes on the screen is the volume when you press the side button, and once you hold the power button it gives you the option of switching off or reseting and the only way to resolve it is by reseting the phone. Sometimes this happens once every two days and sometimes this happens twice or three times a day. Any one else facing this issue as often as I am and any reasons as to why this happens? I never put it in bedside mode so I know it is not from that
    02-25-13 10:54 AM
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