1. atlkr5's Avatar
    So, my 8310 freezes in the BB holster.

    Locks up completely, have to remove the battery.

    Only happens when I use the case.

    I have had the case about a week now and it just started in the last 2 days.

    I have not changed any of the in/out of Holster settings.

    As a matter of fact the only thing that has changed sine the new holster, I updated the JiveTalk to the new version.

    For the last 12-16 hours it has not been in the holster and not having the problem.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in Advance!!
    03-16-08 10:28 AM
  2. kickinitlive247's Avatar
    I get the white screen sometimes when I slide it out of the holster before it flashes back to the locked screen. But it never freezes, but then I don't use jivetalk.

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    03-16-08 09:39 PM
  3. sunkast's Avatar
    Is this the first time using it with a case? I have JiveTalk on my phone and don't have this problem.
    03-16-08 09:48 PM
  4. atlkr5's Avatar
    Yes new case, going to lock the keyboard to be sure nothing is hitting the buttons during the travel in/out and during the ride around the office
    I will report back with my findings.

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    03-16-08 09:52 PM
  5. atlkr5's Avatar
    The new BB Holster must have been hitting buttons.

    I set the phone to lock once in the holster and have NOT had the problem since.

    03-18-08 08:55 AM