1. Martin Green's Avatar
    I don't think anyone else has reported this yet, but I usually seemed to get scooped by other posters.

    After a recent survey (which was already reported in these forums) surprised MakeUseOf by showing BB10 preferred by 53% of respondents, the web site has written a very fair review of the OS, and also is giving a Z10 away free to a lucky commenter.

    BlackBerry Z10 Review and Giveaway
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    03-20-14 06:29 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Wow! This is great news! Even if just by 3%, they acnowledged there were people digging the Z10 and are giving one away!

    If only all sites were like that (I mean, had people with brains running them...)!

    EDIT: Holy, quite a CB style (long, detailed and full of images) review!
    03-21-14 07:31 AM

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