1. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    No room for RIM ? Well, not @home
    Still 8.4% market share for Waterloo here ... and something tells me ... well ... you know
    And Bravo to Spain, with a special thought for someone ... maybe he'll read this

    Translated (well, kind of) from ZdNet France Smartphones : Samsung poursuit son envolée, Apple recule en France
    Nothing seems to stop the growth of smartphones in the world and especially in Europe. Of the five markets surveyed by comScore (Spain, UK, Italy, Germany and France), the number of users jumped between October 2011 and October 2012 from 35% to 131.5 million people.

    That is Spain, where the penetration of these terminals (compared to mobile in general) is now the highest with 63.2%, a gain of 14.8 percentage points in one year. Obviously, the crisis did not prevent the Spanish equip themselves en masse.

    The country is closely followed by the UK (62.3%, 14.2 points), France (51.4%, 13.3 points, 11.3 million users), Italy ( 51.2%, 9.1 points) and Germany, most visibly with refractory penetration below 50% (48.4%) despite a gain of 14.2 percentage points in one year.

    France: Windows Phone does not take off, Nokia continues to fall

    France is therefore below the European average of five which binds according to the specialist to 54.6% (+13 points). Samsung and Apple will control not less than 59.7% of the market in October.

    The first benefit at full success of its Galaxy range with a hand that wins 12 points in one year to 37.3%. Apple resists but down with one hand loses 3.6 points to 22.4%. Attention, however, the iPhone 5, launched in late September, should quickly restore restore color to the apple.

    Behind it is a little helter-skelter with a share falling nearly 7 points for Nokia (10.2%), which still does not seem to take effect Windows Phone, 1 point for RIM (8.4%) and 1.4 for HTC (6.9%).

    Logically, Android dominates largely the French market for smartphones OS with a share of 46.4%, up 13.4 percentage points year on year. Apple iOS control 22.4%.

    Symbian, curiously recognized by comScore, shows a portion of 9.6% (-8.9 points), ahead of RIM (8.4%) and Windows Phone which folds again: -0.9 to 4.3% . The first Windows Phone 8 eventually they finally put an end to this trend mediocre Redmond seeking to become the number three market?
    12-18-12 10:18 AM
  2. TomJasper's Avatar
    All moot at this point. Rewind after BB10 has been in the markets 2013.
    12-18-12 10:40 AM

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