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    "Les Numériques" is in France a very respected tech blog, reviewing from hi-fi, photo, video to (smart)phones devices.
    They've issued their first impressions, based on a devAlpha B and a demo version of the OS (hub is here, while not on beta).
    It is quite useless I translate the whole thing, most is well known of us.
    Yet, I believe it's important to note that the platform has been judged mature enough to run this "first impressions" test; they generally don't produce things until they believe it's relevant (means : no sensationalism).
    I strongly suggest you have a look at the demo video and see how the presenter has easily mastered the UI gestures, resulting in a smooth and fast demo.
    BlackBerry 10 en photos et vidéo
    Also, find bellow my best try to translate their conclusion :
    This new look at BB10 allowed us a glimpse of better days for RIM and its future fleet of smartphones. Fluid, and finally up to date or or even a little ahead for some features, this OS perfectly symbolizes the necessary turn operated by the Canadian firm. Remains to convince as many pros and the general public in a few weeks.
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    12-17-12 03:44 AM
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    being a francophone pretty easy for me to watch this.But yeah phone is smooth any complaints about gestures not not working is nothing but user failing to excute correctly.So smooth I love how RIM are showing the work side first come launch we will get the play side.Man just a month left.
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    12-17-12 10:35 AM
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    To the guy who posted that touches don't register on the Dev Alpha, watch this video. (And so many others)

    I am not concerned in the slightest. This looks super slick.
    12-17-12 11:59 AM

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