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    This popped yesterday, in one of the most famous webzine about tech/mobile/computers.
    Nothing new inside, but it's good to see that - enfin ! - the event is announced on the web.
    Blackberry 10, ce que l'on sait - JDN Web & Tech

    Translated (fast & dirty, sorry) :

    Blackberry 10, what we know

    Between the official communication and leaks, most of new OS RIM's future now seem known as the specifications of the terminals embark.
    Summary, a few days before the launch.

    The official launch of the Blackberry 10 expected on January 30, will he have any surprises? The question arises as prototypes and presentations leaking official documents likely were so numerous that the launch is more likely to confirm rumors that reveal unexpected news.

    Which is in any case today sure is that RIM plays his return to the race with the launch of a mobile operating system that the Canadian group has on its website as totally "reinvented". The manufacturer has already said that the new OS, based on QNX technology acquired in 2010, did not contain a single line of code from current operating systems.

    RIM also officially released on the number of applications that would offer new OS since its launch. Thus, its CEO Thorsten Heins said that more than 70,000 applications would be available through the online store of the group, now called BlackBerry World. That goal was hit due notabily to incentives offered to developers in recent weeks. The manufacturer said that BlackBerry World would also offer videos and music, available via a BlackBerry ID.

    The BYOD, the new Gateway for RIM in Enterprises ?

    Still on the OS side, RIM has officially announced BYOD would be proposed. Called Balance , this feature allows you to access a secure and protected by password environment, proposing applications authorized by the company via the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. A way of separating the application environment professional from private on BlackBerry smartphones 10.

    Security, which allowed RIM to attract the corporate world, should also be the subject of several features and special care. For example, the browser settings may allow to surf anonymously, block pop-ups, or to prevent the loading of cookies, while allowing a whitelist of sites to define. Certificate management, but also erase data via "wipe", applications credentials or configuration of passwords and lock at the SIM card should also be at the rendezvous.

    Side technologies integrated into the OS, BlackBerry 10 should also support DLNA and ActiveSync. And, according to some tests, the voice assistant Siri surpass in terms of performance and understanding.

    Two smartphones introduced at the same time as the OS?

    In addition to the OS, RIM is also expected to unveil at the end of the month two new smartphones, one with a physical keyboard, the BlackBerry X10, and the other with a virtual keyboard, the BlackBerry Z10.

    Edit : the news was spread by email too (very large audience)
    This would have a HD screen 1280x768 pixels and 4.2 inches, 2 GB of RAM and a storage capacity of 16 GB Connectivity propose outputs for HDMI and USB. Back behind the hull would be a battery of 1800 mAh, but also spaces for microSIM card and microSD. Two cameras, one with a capacity of 2 million pixels front and the other 8 million on the back, should also allow RIM to promote the usefulness of its terminals for video calls or video conferencing.

    As the Blackberry X10 (also known as belonging to the "N Series") of insistent rumors lend him a smaller screen of 720x720 pixels (330ppi).
    Finally, the site BGR.com understands that RIM will release the BlackBerry Z10, which belongs to the "L-series", for less than 200 or 150 dollars with commitment.
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    Ah, they just copied BGR
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