1. 1guitarguy's Avatar
    Are there any native clients for yelp or foursquare. Don't want an android port and really annoyed with foursquare's stability (or lack of).

    Posted via CB10
    07-15-15 11:46 PM
  2. John Vieira's Avatar
    For yelp, it's integrated with maps, along with I believe the assistant.

    For Foursquare, there is the native preloaded one, and for checkins there is an app called Swirl in Blackberry World. It's paid but well worth it.

    Work Wide and Prosper
    07-16-15 12:38 AM
  3. Fr3lncr's Avatar
    The only feature of the Android Yelp app that doesn't work on BB10 is the map view. Everything else works fine. I think the only thing a native app would give you (outside of maybe a functioning map view) would be hub integration. Sure, native would be nice but like with a lot of other apps, if you can get a functioning Android version that works fine, why not use it?

    One other option would just be to use the Yelp web site and create a shortcut to your home screen and have it act like an app since I think the web site has most of the same functionality.
    07-16-15 05:42 AM
  4. 1guitarguy's Avatar
    Alright thanks anyways guys

    Posted via CB10
    07-16-15 04:39 PM
  5. svelt's Avatar
    Android Yelp works if patched using Cobalt's tools with Google Maps functionality. Works well too with minimal lag.

    Foursquare is no longer really a relevant social media platform, at least where I live. The native app works fine, I find it still draws from the same data that is feeding into the new Swarm system and you can still check in, comment and find places, even places that have just opened...what else can you do with it nowadays anyway? I purely use it to record where I've been as among the hundreds of FB friends I have, only 4 of them still use it.
    07-16-15 06:02 PM

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