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    OK, forgive me if I put this in the wrong place, but I couldn't see where else to put this. But I am now using the Forums more often (since it's easier to access them on my BB), and I have three questions:

    1. On the BB, there is a button to push to mark All Forums Read. Is there such a button on the PC version, or do I have to go to each and every Forum individually to Mark Forum Read?

    2. Is there an option (either on the BB, or on the PC, or both) so that I can view only a list of pre-selected Forums? (Without disrespect to others, I have no need to read Forum about the Pearl).

    3. When I read a posting and feel the urge to reply with a posting of my own, do I have the option for each individual thread (either on the BB, or on the PC) of marking that particular thread for subscription or not? Sometimes I want to get an answer back (and know about it, ASAP), and sometimes I'm just, well, adding my two cents.

    Thanks, guys and gals!
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    06-28-08 03:19 PM
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    1. Yes - Towards the bottom of the main forums page you will find a link to mark all forums read.

    2. Not really... you would just have to go into each forum that you want to view and ignore the others.

    3. Go to the Thread Tools link at the top of the thread and subscribe to that thread.
    06-28-08 03:56 PM
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    Great; thanks much, Kasperapd!
    06-28-08 04:00 PM