1. jayberry1's Avatar
    If you are a former Palm user and have used Keysuite by Chapura then you know it is the absolutely the best sync software for Outlook with a Palm.

    I am trying to show Chapura that there are plenty of us BB users that would like Keysuite for Outlook because we are frustrated with the BB sync software for the reminder problem and the limit on notes in tasks (Keysuite actually lets you sync up to 32,766 characters in the note field in a task).

    If you have never used Keysuite, trust me, it looks and works fantastically with Outlook. It will sync DIRECTLY with Outlook so you don't have to use the BB sync software. You literally have DOZENS of custom categories you can make yourself. It is a great program and I used dozens of them before I switched to BB.

    I don't want to leave BB but I need a good sync program so I am asking for your help.

    Please email Chapura at: [email protected] and let them know you want Keysuite for your Blackberry.
    11-14-08 01:55 PM
  2. GregShah's Avatar
    I also use Keysuite and want to continue. I recent bought a BB and cannot get it to sync and I think Keysuite is the problem. Did you have a hard time syncing? I already e mailed Chapura about a new KS version.


    12-08-08 02:05 PM