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    Hey guys,

    So my phone is basically working terribly, and I have no idea what's wrong. I was at a Telus outlet and the guy working there and I both agreed it is probably a software issue.

    So, he recommends I find a utility to format absolutely everything, and then reinstall a new OS from scratch. I've already tried re-installing .122 after downgrading from .151 (Storm), and we tried removing all data from the device using the security options.

    What utility do I use to totally clean the hardware of all files?


    09-22-09 01:43 PM
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    Try BBSAK or JL C ommander. They can both totally wipe your phone and let you reload from scratch...

    Unfortunately I can't post links cuz I'm a N00b he he he

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    09-22-09 02:02 PM
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    will this work for the storm too?
    09-22-09 02:17 PM
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    09-22-09 02:39 PM
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    will this work for the storm too?
    Yes it will.
    09-23-09 08:47 AM
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    I strongly advise useing BlackBerry Desktop Manger and Applications Loader for that job.

    The utility programs, BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife and JL_cmdr do a subset of the things you want, but they are not designed to rebuild a BlackBerry.

    When you upgrade the device OS software, it does a backup, a full wipe and rebuild, then restores the data and settings. There is no need to use third party apps in the process.

    09-23-09 10:34 AM