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    I was having difficulty with Print To Go and after reviewing many of the countless threads on the blackberry.com support site, I thought I'd give the Twitter account to @BlackBerryHelp a try...after a short back and forth with them they told me to call my carrier to get through to BlackBerry support.

    Of course the front line support at my carrier had no idea and they transferred me to second tier support who had no idea who then transferred me to BlackBerry support who themselves had no suggestions on how to resolve this or even what the possible causes might be.

    So I have to ask: is it wrong of me to be irritated by having to call my carrier, when the device is a BB10 device that doesn't depend on my carrier running BIS? I bought my Z10 from my carrier on launch day, but now I'm using a Passport purchased directly from BlackBerry.

    Furthermore, the problem was with Print To Go, which is Windows software, not software on the device itself. (Note that Print To Go is not supported on 10.3.x yet, but that's a red herring because it was restored onto my device from a 10.2.1 backup, and it does work with one of my computers).

    Why should my carrier have to expend resources that just waste my time and theirs acting as BlackBerry's gatekeeper keeping the tech support hordes at bay?

    BlackBerry maintaining these roadblocks to customer satisfaction is no acceptable at this stage, especially when most BlackBerry devices being purchased seem to be outright purchases from Amazon or ShopBlackBerry or what not.

    This support policy is anachronistic: it might have been valid when BIS had a lot to do with connectivity issues etc, and the software on Windows was just for backups, but now BIS is out of the picture and the Windows software is much more sophisticated than "BlackBerry Desktop" was (it'll be interesting trying to get support from a carrier for "Blend").

    I know I'm not alone in thinking that the knowledge base on the BlackBerry support website isn't enough, and relying on end users in a community forum to help one another is fine, but there are some serious issues that end users can only guess at the causes and possible solutions (I swear go read the Print To Go discussions on the BlackBerry support forum: it's like alchemy all the different things people are trying AND having success doing to get Print To Go working again) but the bottom line is: BlackBerry is far too hands off on some pretty serious and misterious technical problems with BB10 devices and companion software, and are (for lack of better term) "uncommunicative" when it comes to strategic and unique functionality like PTG or RFA, and troublingly so in dealing with complaints about Contacts or Device Switch (when data isn't fully restored, like how Remember records get fouled up between 10.2.1 and 10.3).

    This contributes to the persistent anti-BlackBerry bias among carrier staff: having to deal with frustrated BlackBerry users day after day knowing there's little the carrier staff can do to help must make them shake their heads and wonder why customers put up with it, when they know how much better it can be done (with Apple and to a lesser extent, Samsung, as examples).

    BlackBerry's firing on most cylinders right now, but tech support is a obvious weakness they need to resolve / make investments in, and they better do it soon: all this acclaim for the Passport and the impending launch of the Classic is going to bring more end users / consumers on board, and it's one thing to say they're not the target customer, but it's another to maintain customer-hostile policies and procedures.
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    Breathe deeply............

    Seriously, other than their support for the Playbook, carrier support was the way BB has handled this stuff for ages. Of course, it is even worse now since half the carriers don't carry the devices or could not care less about selling or supporting BB devices.

    I guess the fact that you can still get to them even in a roundabout way is the only silver lining.

    And then finally, remember, that they no longer seem to care about individual consumers so it might get worse as they seek out THE ENTERPRISE. Except I'd like to know which high government officials are buying their stupid sticker packs for bbm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I'd say they are schizophrenic at best.
    12-04-14 02:08 PM
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    I totally agree and really this is one of the major reasons that Apple has done so well their after sales service is amazing!
    12-04-14 02:35 PM

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