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    I'm just wondering if rim will come out with a flip device like the style or pearl flip anytime soon for att? i do like he pearl flip for tmobile and have considered getting it and just unlocking it for att but it wont be upgradable to os 6, and i really dont want to downgrade from my os 6 curve. Just looking for any input. And sorry if this has already been asked before. I searched around and couldn't find much. Thanks!
    02-23-11 02:54 PM
  2. Tecklop's Avatar
    There is a Flip Phone called "Style 9670" but it's Sprint so it can't be unlocked and used for At&t.
    Sprint BlackBerry Style 9670 review | CrackBerry.com

    At least, The Pearl Flip will get the OS 5.0., (The Pearl flip is still Selling?, I though it was discontinued).
    I felt like you, I wanna Flip phone for T-Mobile T^T
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    04-11-11 02:38 AM
  3. rrrebo's Avatar
    The Pearl Flip is dead, and kind of a POS (Bluetooth hardware fails OFTEN). I have a feeling AT&T will not be ordering an flip phones anytime soon. The American consumer market is all about big honkin' touchscreens now, with QWERTY BBs and cheap slider feature phones rounding it out.
    04-11-11 08:16 AM
  4. Tecklop's Avatar
    Why don't rim make the same berries for all Carriers using GSM and CDMA, Like the 8520 and the 8530 etc etc... ??
    Is there a reason for this?

    Or the Carriers orders RIM around and tell RIM what to do?
    04-12-11 05:11 AM
  5. rrrebo's Avatar
    Or the Carriers orders RIM around and tell RIM what to do?
    This. The carriers are RIM's customers. They are the ones who order and buy devices from RIM. It makes no sense for RIM to make a device if no carrier will buy it. So, RIM has to balance innovation and manufacturing with customer (carrier) demand. They can design a new device and shop it to the carriers. If none of them are interested, it probably won't get past the prototype phase (if that far).
    04-12-11 07:53 AM