1. Pas1787's Avatar
    I have a Curve 8310. Is there anyway that the flash from the camera can be kept on for extended periods of time? I know it can be done on other phones. Any help is appreciated.
    01-02-09 02:22 AM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Upgrade to OS 4.5 and then run the video camera without actually recording.
    I imagine this will drain the battery very quickly, which is why I just carry a small
    pocketable flashlight.

    There are quite a lot of threads on this forum on how to upgrade.
    01-02-09 02:26 AM
  3. bx2md's Avatar
    there are apps for the flashlight on your berry ...check out cb for software
    01-02-09 02:27 AM
  4. Pas1787's Avatar
    Thanks for the help
    01-02-09 02:37 AM
  5. trucky's Avatar
    Only the 8330 and 8350i have the video camera... I just press any key if I need a quick light and let the screen timeout settings take care of it. On my 8330 the flash works great and I have my right convenience key set to video for when I need a brighter light.
    01-02-09 08:10 AM
  6. LuvMyBB's Avatar
    Trucky, the 4.5 os upgrades give the other 83xx Curves video capability, too.

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    01-02-09 09:28 AM