1. elliott curve's Avatar
    I am about to buy my first Blackberry-- the 8900. After much research on line for reviews and playing with phones at service provider outlets the decision has been made that I want to move to a "smartphone" and the curve IS IT. Don't have excess cash laying around these days so I need to carve off as much from the purchase price as I can without getting into risky deals and I need to avoid the contract for now due to uncertainty around my job over the next year. One of the better prices I have found outside of ebay is at mobilecityonline. Does anyone have experience with this seller? I have looked at some of the review sites and some of the better ones give them a fairly good rating but thought I would check here also to see if anyone has used them. Haven't been on forums much so I hope I am doing this right. Thanks ahead for any wisdom supplied!
    03-24-09 08:47 PM
  2. TheSultan's Avatar
    No advice for ya, but, good luck!
    03-24-09 08:48 PM
  3. xliderider's Avatar
    You get what you pay for, especially when it comes to customer service IMO.

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    03-24-09 09:09 PM
  4. crackalackberry's Avatar
    I tell all my customers this.... just buy corporate. I know money is tight, for all of us, but i find it well worth it, not only in phones but for everything. dont wanna ever get burned by someone trying to make a quick buck. but the choice is yours, i say buy corporate
    03-24-09 09:11 PM
  5. Fire-Detention's Avatar
    Spend the extra money the curve is the best. dont know much about the seller.
    03-24-09 09:56 PM