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    Hey guys,

    Just got my first BlackBerry today, and I am enjoying it thus far. I can say that CrackBerry is VERY useful, as I used it to help make my decision and rationalize it.

    So I have taken an interesting route to BlackBerry. I was and am an iPhone and Apple fanboy, but AT&T's service became too unbearable where I was not even able to get any service. So, I made the switch to the red V and purchased the Moto Droid. At the time it looked like the best option, and the easiest to transition from an iPhone. However, after having gone through 5 of them over the past month for bad sliders, dead pixels, dust under the glass, I decided to move on to BlackBerry. I can say that from my perspective, I love the OS on the iPhone, and to me, the Droid and Android OS is just a bad knock off. I am still hoping that the iPhone will come to Verizon in the near future, and I will get one again (unless I get attached to BB). Yet, I saw the time away from the iPhone as a nice change of pace since I have had once since inception in June 07. But, the Droid was very similar, just not as strong at doing the things I had liked.

    So after going through 5 Droids that were junk, I was looking at the Storm2 and the Tour. CrackBerry is a great forum, and I see myself becoming attached. Ultimately, I was torn, but the Best Buy rep I bought it from said if a Tour2 is coming out, I know you will be back with the Tour1 and exchanging for a Tour2. So, I took his advice and I am giving the Storm2 a shot, and if I love it, I stick with it, and if I do not I get the Tour2 when it is released. If I got the Tour and subsequently the Tour2, I would never know if the Storm2 was for me. So far I like the Storm2, but love BlackBerry. Time will tell if I stick with the Storm2, or if I dislike the touch keyboard and get the other option the Tour2 when it comes out. Regardless, I know I will be sticking with CrackBerry, no more DroidForums and that poorly put together device.
    01-29-10 10:09 PM
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    Welcome to CB. I foresee that your biggest complaint coming from apple and android will be web surfing. The BB is a very capable device, but the browsing experience will probably fall short of your time with your previous phones. A lot of people install opera mini or bolt to render larger and less mobile friendly sites to make up for the shortfall.
    Again, welcome to CB.

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    01-29-10 10:34 PM
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    Hooty, lol, is right. But the native bb browser does work faster without javascript enabled.

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    01-29-10 11:30 PM
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    welcome and congrats. But sadly,BB browser is no match for the Bolt/Opera Mini.
    01-29-10 11:42 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry. You joined a great site. There's a lot of information here. The Storm2 is a very nice device. I'm sure you're going to enjoy it. I've used the Storm2 and a Droid and I'm now on the Tour. You can't go wrong with any blackberry you choose.

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    01-30-10 12:07 AM
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    There is nothing wrong with The Tour. It has gotten a bad rap due to the trackball issues and it has been fixed. I did have that issue within two months of owning it, but it has been replaced. I love my Tour. I don't have any problems with it and if given the choice again, would choose it.

    Welcome to BB and crackberry
    01-30-10 12:57 AM
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    Why did you switch between those devices since I am coming from Droid and have been torn between the two. Just was wondering if you wanted to elaborate.....
    01-30-10 01:17 AM
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    Got a freebie and no bill. That was enough for me.

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    01-30-10 01:22 AM
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    i am also trying to figure out which smart phone to get
    01-30-10 09:48 AM
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    The way I see it:

    Apple forums talk mostly about poor voice quality and reception along with dropped calls.

    Blackberry forums talk about how the BB sucks as an internet device compared to iPhone (and it does). And I'm sorry but, Bolt and Opera are poor substitutes. I cringe when I see comments on here about Opera 5 beta 2 being the equalizer between BB and iPhone web browsing. Put em side by side. It just is not true.

    While there is the occasional "dropped call" thread on here I don't see it as pervasive. Given the varied terrains, population densities and corresponding variation in cell site coverage, some people are just going to have holes in coverage with poor quality calls.

    Hope you need a good phone and messaging device. If so, BB excels. If you want an iPhone substitute are you in for disappointment.

    As for me, I'm a broken record. I need good call quality. I started on at&t with a 9000 then a 9700 with *very good* call quality. And a Storm 2 with V also with very good call quality. Used 3 different iPhones 3G for one year prior to the Bolds. Same neighborhoods as the Bolds. iPhone = 50% dropped calls; Bolds = rare dropped calls maybe 1 or 2 a month.

    As long as BBs have the best voice quality and ring profiles I find it hard to leave. And I've had 4 BBs over the years and they were always excellent "phones" and messaging devices.

    But, given the "Internet Experience" on BB I'm constantly craving an Android OS phone. Spend plenty of time with Mytouch 3G Android phone. I would love Android on V, but I have yet to see any Android hardware in the U.S. worthy of the OS. Droid is closest but I don't trust the mechanical integrity of the slider or the voice quality of a phone from Moto, a company accustomed over the last 10 years of "cutting corners". I only know how to make long winded posts!
    01-30-10 01:37 PM
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    Well welcome to the blackberry family man

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    01-30-10 02:14 PM
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    Android is such a new OS. It has so far to go. Before I adopted my 9700 I was going to purchase either the MyTouch or the Cliq. I played with both of them and could not stand the OS. Both phones are great, but if I can't figure out how to operate a phone in 2-5 minutes, it's not worth my time. I'm not a fan of the razzle dazzle that is Android or iPhone. I want something that I can grab and go with a very fast learning curve. That's how I fell in love with my Pearl when I first adopted it in 2008 and why I adopted my 9700 this month.

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    01-30-10 07:44 PM