1. bb4life21's Avatar
    Just like many of you I will be picking up my new Z10 in march. I was just wondering how the transition was going for people from qwerty keyboard to full touch! I know some people have switched from android or iphone so are pretty used to using one. But if you are like myself(have only owned bb last 8 years) and will be a true "newbie" with a touch screen...I was wondering how your experience was so far. Thanks in advance for your answers!
    02-11-13 09:45 PM
  2. LazyEvul's Avatar
    Although I've had experience with touchscreens from an iPod Touch, some older feature phones, and my friends' phones, the Z10 was really my first full-touch smartphone. It's a bit of an adjustment at first, but the Z10's extremely good keyboard helps ease it I think. You very quickly gain confidence in it, and after a while you're pounding away every bit as fast as you used to. Obviously you're never going to get that same tactile feel, but as far as speed and typing errors go, they seem pretty much the same once you get the hang of it.
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    02-11-13 09:48 PM
  3. Emu the Foo's Avatar
    ... as far as speed and typing errors go, they seem pretty much the same once you get the hang of it.
    LOL that's great to hear
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    02-11-13 09:57 PM
  4. cjcampbell's Avatar
    I've had it for a week, and to be honest, I love it. The flick typing has been phenomenal. It takes a while to learn how I talk, and it's only getting better, but I have far few actual keystrokes than I can believe. I am amazed that the words I actually want, not just suggestions, appear where and when I want them to. It is definitely not the same but it is welcome in my little world
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    02-11-13 10:02 PM
  5. rcab's Avatar
    I am still waiting for the release but am more confident because of having the Playbook. The Playbook makes me excited to get the Z10 because I am sure it is even better than the Playbook OS
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    02-11-13 11:06 PM
  6. costas1966's Avatar
    I am not using the flick gesture much, but as far as typing accuracy and realistic autocorrect, I like it far more than I thought I would.

    I'm coming from a Bold 9900, and so far.......I'm sold.
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    02-11-13 11:09 PM
  7. djdragon's Avatar
    no issues at all, and this coming from a Torch 9810 user
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    02-11-13 11:57 PM
  8. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    It was a lot easier than I thought, coming from a 9900. Just type away and trust the auto correct.
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    02-12-13 12:14 AM
  9. xBURK's Avatar
    Coming from touch. Never going back. Truly easy to get used to.
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    02-12-13 01:56 AM
  10. xBURK's Avatar
    Edit: coming from torch.
    02-12-13 01:56 AM
  11. kpbutton's Avatar
    Came over from a Torch and think this keyboard is awesome. I'm still getting used to it, but the auto correct makes life so much easier.

    Posted using CrackBerry App on BB10
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    02-12-13 06:04 AM
  12. bdouce's Avatar
    came from the bold, and was very skeptical to going full touch... figured i'd brave it out and loving every second of it. I use the flick gestures more and more everyday as I learn to look for the word when typing the message. MAKE THE SWITCH, YOU'LL NEVER LOOK BACK.
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    02-12-13 09:56 AM
  13. feelmie's Avatar
    Trust everyones opionion here, I too loved the full querty board and swore I would never go back to Touch type again after using an HTC unit (switched back to BB Bold after hating touch so much), I put my faith in what I read from the developers and bought my Z10. I have had it for a almost a week now and I can tell you the touch screen is the best. I have passed it around to individuals that own the other brands and they too are more than impressed by this new phone. You will not miss your qwerty, I am sure of that.
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    02-12-13 10:51 AM
  14. xandermac's Avatar
    My move from BB to iOS was an easy transition as soon as I learned to trust autocorrect. Your move should be even easier with the Z10 virtual keyboard. Basically, trust autocorrect to do it's thing and use word suggestions when you can.
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    02-12-13 10:55 AM
  15. Delil's Avatar
    Same doubts here. Currently on a 9900. Before I used a Storm, a Torch and an Iphone 4S and to be honest I liked all the typing experiences they had to offer. Really can't make up my mind.
    02-12-13 10:58 AM
  16. feelmie's Avatar
    Come on back to the dark side you will not be sorry you did.
    02-12-13 11:35 AM
  17. BB10FTW's Avatar
    I hope this helps.

    I hate touchscreen keyboards with a passion. They annoy me to no end. Everyone always says "you'll get used to it " Well no I'm sorry I won't. I used my 9700 for a couple of years and got a 9900 which was hands down the best phone to type on ever. Nothing in the world can compare to how simple and awesome keyboard shortcuts are. Now with that being said I did want the full touch Z10 and because the Crackberry team and basically most people who used the keyboard loved it I decided I would take the plunge. I am happy that I did, this keyboard is extremely intelligent. I want to stress that a lot. I have never used a touch keyboard that felt like it was designed just for me. It took me about 24 hours before I was getting really fast and it takes about 5 days for the keyboard to really get to know you. It's a unique relationship lol.

    If you get the chance, test it out for yourself. This is the best touch keyboard on the market. I absolutely love it.

    Yes I have used the iPhone keyboard and many Android ones but I strongly prefer the one on my Z10. I used Windows one time so I can't say whether it was good or not.

    Posted using CrackBerry App on BB10
    02-12-13 12:26 PM
  18. bb4life21's Avatar
    Same doubts here. Currently on a 9900. Before I used a Storm, a Torch and an Iphone 4S and to be honest I liked all the typing experiences they had to offer. Really can't make up my mind.
    Hey Thanks for reply Delil. I am also currently a 9900 user. You know what though....after I thought about it I figured if I am at anytime going to go full touch this is the time!! I am worried but I figure this is my chance. Because whether people like, loved, or hated the z10 one thing has been consistent throughout testers coming from all platforms...The Best Touch Keyboard Out. So this is gonna be one one shot!
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    02-12-13 12:35 PM
  19. RussBerry007's Avatar
    Applaud everyone who can get production from the onscreen pad.
    Just doesn't work for me. Tapping glass vs. tactile feedback. Guess
    it didn't work for me. Gave it 3 yrs on droid. Since coming bk to bb,
    I'm enjoying using my phone again. Don't dread typing emails etc...
    Oldschool and happy.
    02-12-13 01:10 PM

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