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    07-15-11 11:20 PM
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    The citizens of Canada are also her majesty subjects and I am pretty sure BlackBerry is still doing alright here

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    07-15-11 11:32 PM
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    Montreal party scene is all about owning a blackberry lol
    07-16-11 12:44 AM
  4. Will_C's Avatar
    I am in fact a youth in england and I can confirm all that is said in this article, in my school it is very hard to come by a girl who doesn't have a blackberry. Blackberries are hugely popular with two major social groups the 'chavs' and the 'emos' (if you don't know who they are, urban dictionary it) but interestingly they are very looked down upon by everyone else, android is the most looked up and iPhones are mainly referred to as 'gay'. BlackBerry is by far the most popular brand of phone in my school and social group, BBM is king due to its instant and reliable nature, BB's just keep getting more and more popular..
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    07-17-11 05:40 PM
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    Sorry iPhone..here in the Greater Toronto Area it is hugely Blackberry.
    I have teenage daughters with BB's as well. Both are not interested in an iPhone (I've offered to buy them one). They love their BBM (always on). 80 percent of their friends that have smartphones have BB's as well.
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    07-17-11 07:16 PM
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    Great to know.
    We are not alone.
    07-17-11 08:20 PM
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    Sorry iPhone..here in the Greater Toronto Area it is hugely Blackberry.
    Are we apologizing to inanimate objects now? If so, I have a long list.
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    07-17-11 10:38 PM