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    Does any one use the fire wall that the Blackberry's have ? Will the fire wall cause you to miss any email's or other thing's ? I have heard that their are some virus now that will work on a smart phone so I don't want a virus on mind. I don't want the fire wall to block my content when I am on the web with my phone. If any one has info on these things let me know.

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    09-24-10 12:06 PM
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    Blackberries are near impossible to get viruses on.
    couple things to keep in mind
    1) only download applications from sources you trust
    2) only give permission to applications you trust
    3) Java Script & JVM are not "virus friendly", its hard to create virus for them
    4) BIS/BES will have a virus scanner in them to eliminate the chance of that happening.

    the are the most secure device on the planet for a reason
    09-24-10 12:13 PM