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    Hey guys, Im a newbie and I have yet another quick question.....

    I was browsing through my message folder and noticed that ALL of my messages appeared in the same folder...e-mails, SMS, missed calls....Is there a way for me to seperate these so that they all arent crowded into the same Message folder? Thanks for any help!!!
    08-20-08 11:31 PM
  2. SimeonAS89's Avatar
    yup when in the messages hit the Menu key > options > General Options > SMS & Email Inboxes = Separate.
    08-21-08 04:10 AM
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    Welcome to the addiction!!!
    08-21-08 05:37 AM
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    hi guys,

    as Nessa mentioned above, me too faced with the same problem and like you said:

    Use one message list or multiple message lists
    By default, your BlackBerry® device theme determines whether SMS text messages appear in the same message list as email messages.
    1. In a message list, press the Menu key.
    2. Click Options.
    3. Click General Options.
    4. Perform one of the following actions:
    • To separate SMS text messages from email messages, set the SMS and Email Inboxes field to Separate.
    5. Press the Menu key.
    6. Click Save.

    I have done it, restart my phone etc however, when I received an email address from my gmail.com for example, it shows up still both in the main message list and my gmail folder. Is there a way to do it? Seems that choosing SEPARATE would do, but why it isnt on mine? Did I miss anything?

    Thanks guys =)
    I am joining in the addct too
    03-06-09 02:38 AM
  5. Xanadul's Avatar
    Can noone find a way to have just calls and voicemails display in AFOLDER dont care which folder as long as its its own folder....!!!@!@!!@$@#RTWERSGERB#%G ARGHH!
    09-10-09 01:52 PM
  6. mark-d's Avatar
    The messages folder is the default for all messages, emails, sms / mms, PIN messages, bbm messages etc.

    The only messages than can be separated from the messages folder are sms / mms but putting those in their own box however messages will still show all the emails, pin messages, bbm messages, facebook messages etc as well as them appearing under their own icons. That's just the way the phone works.

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    09-11-09 04:29 AM
  7. jbeachy's Avatar
    Hide the main messager folder. Of course that means you may miss non-email messages that appear there since you will only be checking your other folder(s).

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    09-11-09 09:10 AM
  8. boosted06's Avatar
    I just hide my main email folder that way if I have a missed call I don't have to go in and "show all" just to see a missed call beings as that also shows up in the messages folder.

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    09-11-09 10:32 AM
  9. Hoochie-Coo's Avatar
    I can't add much on how to separate the messages, but I have an alternative view on this. For the last 10 years or so, I've used Unified Messaging systems which puts everything in your Inbox.

    So on the BB, I find it very natural to have everything show up in Messages. I actually prefer it. A message is a message... I don't really care how it arrived.

    With that said, I occasionally want to see just emails or sms, etc...

    For that, my BB had predefined searches. So to see just SMS messages, I press Alt-S. For Phone calls Alt-P. To see just email, I setup Alt-E to to do just that, etc...
    09-11-09 11:35 AM
  10. Knight99's Avatar
    Thanks - those shortcuts are very helpful. How do you set up the one for e-mail?
    01-15-10 09:51 AM