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    After about a half hour ride in my car I arrived at the mecca of all our addiction, the Blackberry Store. Not hard to find at all, it's at the corner of a major intersection. The pictures that have been put out previous do it justice for sure. When first arriving the parking lot is very small holding 10-20 cars at most, it is in it's own free standing structure.

    Upon entering it does have a very modern feel to it with wood floors and alot of chrome and glass. There were a couple customers in the store at the time but I was immediately greeted and told that someone would be with me shortly. So I decided to browse and check the layout (there is approximately 900 sq ft of retail space). Upon entering the display holds the newest devices from the four carriers they service and along the back wall they are categorized by carrier. To the right and on a few display stands' are all the accesssories that you would be able to order from RIM categorized by device model. Very easy to find what you might be looking for.

    After about five minutes if that I was then greeted by one of the salespeople. He was very knowledgeable about the various devices' and what each had to offer. It just depended on what you were looking for, he wasn't trying to steer you toward a particular carrier. After letting him know that I already had a 'berry we had a few more minutes of conversation. That's where I decided to expound on the virtues of Crackberry, he has heard of the the site and been here a few times that he said. He also said that at this time they don't repair devices in-house, but they probably will in the near future. As far as training of the salespeople it is done by Wireless Giant and RIM.

    Overall it was a very enjoyable experience and definitely worth the drive, I did have to pick up a new blue skin since I was there. More accessories to follow soon! Have a great Holidays!
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    12-18-07 03:41 PM
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    no pictures?

    didn't happen.

    12-18-07 05:08 PM
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    ARghhh! No pics?!?!?!?!

    12-18-07 05:17 PM
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    OMGoodness, we'd love some photos. I say take another trip, with a disguise this time
    12-18-07 05:32 PM
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    OMGoodness, we'd love some photos. I say take another trip, with a disguise this time
    LOL! Yeah, dress up as a blonde lady! That would be awesome!
    12-18-07 06:02 PM
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    Ok Ok, i'll take pics next time. I should be going in about a week and a half. i'll take them with the 8130 too.
    12-18-07 06:14 PM
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    Lol thats awesome. Definintely need the pictures as well.
    12-18-07 06:40 PM
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    Attachment 847

    db-here's my proof for now! lol
    12-18-07 06:50 PM
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    What intersections is the store at? I should be passing by in the next day or 2. It is on my "southern" route to work.
    12-19-07 01:18 AM
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    db-here's my proof for now! lol
    HAHA! We need more! Don't disappoint!
    12-19-07 04:45 AM
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    Here are a couple of photos of the Blackberry shed
    12-19-07 06:05 AM
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    Here are a couple of photos of the Blackberry shed

    Nice pics. We wan't reciept pics, though, as proof since BBsadaj set the standard! No reciept, no return!
    12-19-07 06:28 AM
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    berryman, thats funny stuff, it is shed like size. it's also at the corner of 14 Mile Rd. and Orchard Lake Rd. on the SE side for anyone who wants to know.
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    More photos (large) and correction on the original story here.

    The inside scoop on the new BlackBerry Store | BB Geeks
    12-21-07 03:31 PM
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    Just found this vid on BBGEEKS.

    01-14-08 03:37 PM
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    Thank you BBgeeks. The store looks awesome. Makes me want to go. Too bad so far. At least I have Crackberry.
    01-20-08 08:39 PM