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    A Few Things RIM Should Keep in Mind to Make BlackBerry 10 a Success

    There is no doubt that RIM was missing quite a few essential features when it first launched the BlackBerry PlayBook. Now that we have what we been waiting for on the PlayBook native PIM apps, what is next? RIM is busy working on the transition of BlackBerry PlayBook OS to BlackBerry 10 with a BB10 launch in early fall. So far we have seen quite a few impressive features from RIM and leaked slides. This has impressed most of us but the media really isnít giving RIM any room for mistakes. When BlackBerry 10 launches RIM has to deliver a solid experience in both hardware and operating system. Even then am sure that certain media outlets that love to write inflammatory articles will still find areas to criticize.

    A Few Things RIM Should Keep in Mind to Make BlackBerry 10 a Success - BerryReview
    05-15-12 04:02 PM
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    a physical keyboard
    05-15-12 04:20 PM
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    There are a few other things that i hope RIM could do with BB10 for personal reasons.

    1) Windows phone has a "people hub". Which as far as I can tell is like a combination of social feeds and contacts app. Then they also hava a "Me" apps which is basically link a combined social app. When viewing contacts you can browse their latest updates on social networks as well as their Facebook albums right within the app itself.

    Adding this BB10 wouldn't exactly be that difficult as in PlayBook OS 2.0, the contacts apps are already social connected. Now all that is left, it to add a sort of "latest feeds" page on it, and the ability to browse the person's photos.

    2) Almost similar to above. In the native pictures application on Windows phone, you can browse your contacts' Facebook albums from the app itself. View comments and what not. This is very useful to me indeed. as somehow the facebook app always takes so long to load a picture in my experience.

    Simply put, the windows phone has deeply integrated social networks into the OS itself. I don't even find the need to use the native twitter or Facebook app. At BB world, you would remember that Thorsten mentioned that BB users are hyper connected people. So i hope they will do something similar to Windows phone on BB10. After all, they already have Gist.

    As far as i can tell, windows phone is currently the best platform when it comes to social integration. Something i hope with BB10 would change.

    3) Games hub. Something like XBox live, iOS Gamecentre. With XBox live, it makes socially connected apps more interested. You can compete with other people worldwide. I've read that RIM might to doing a games hubs for BB10. Which is great. BBM connected, with scoreloop?

    4) Cloud Services. This is something already done by other platforms. I'm not just talking about storage like google drive or sky drive. But a more comprehensive combined service tied in with BBID. Tying in contacts sync and backing up. Also provide a way to edit contacts on a desktop interface and keep it synced wirelessly. A storage client with a native software on PC/Mac would be great as well. They don't exactly have to make anything new. Just improve on BlackBerry Protect, and perhaps a tighter integration with dropbox (something which almost everyone is already using).

    This way, we would almost never to plug in the phone to the computer.

    5) Deeply personal but i do hope they will keep BIS. push notifications, security, data compression...etc namely push. Other phones has to do some sort of polling every now and then, or perhaps leaves a small client in the background even after the app has closed in order to monitor new notifications. Which is bad for battery. Just take whatsapp for example. I am always a bit reluctant to use whatsapp on other platforms. Simply because the notifications are never as quick as a BB, not even close. It consumes more battery as one way or another, it is polling for new notifications. They are not truly pushed to the device. For a lot of people, the difference is negligible, insignificant perhaps. As long as it works, they don't care how. A lot of people see no value in BIS other than an extra service they have to pay. RIM really has to start promoting the advantages of BIS. Even my friend on an android nexus said BIS is actually a good service that he is willing to pay a little extra for, but he is an IT guy, so he knows the advantages of it. Frankly, to me the cost of BIS is actually great value for money for the advantage i get, but most people simply don't know.

    Looking at BB10 Jam keynote, i noted a point in the slides which said developers would be able to take advantage of push notifications. Which is a good sign.

    These aren't exactly make or break features, just a few at the back of my head right now. but i just thought they would be nice to have.
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    05-15-12 08:46 PM
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    RIM needs to do all the things they are currently doing to be successful..........I do not see how anyone can possibly detest that. We do not currently know what plans RIM has except for what they have revealed so to speculate is quite pointless. What makes all these posts about what RIM needs to do any different than the poorly written articles analysts write?

    Thorsten is doing an outstanding job and more and more positive articles are starting to show up. The media will come around soon enough; you can only push out the same articles so much before people start to notice it's overkill. Developers are hoping aboard the BB10 bandwagon and apps are coming soon enough.

    I just don't see the point of these posts anymore. Don't get me wrong i love reading opinions and debating etc... But daily there seems to be a new post about what RIM should focus on or why they are failing or if they don't do this, that and the other thing they will be doomed, dead and sent crying on their way out of the mobile game.

    RIM is on the right track to be the next big thing and BB10 is gonna be that big thing.
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    05-15-12 09:21 PM