1. BerryCoolGuy's Avatar
    When im txting and after about 20 sends and replys typing becomes sluggish meaning like when i hit the keys takes a few seconds to show the letter if that makes sense pretty much sluggish till i do a quick reboot,

    Second question you can see my OS in my sig area would i benifit to upgraded my OS i have no problems with mine now but i have noticed when when i take a pic then click on send then to address book then chose the name then click it send it hangs with the hour glass spinning or just locksup where i have to pull battery and start over.

    Lastly i don't have my DM installed i have a new ringtone ( on my desk top ) i wanna add can i just plug in the phone open up my computer and see the folders where i can drag in new ringtone? i dont wanna have to install DM just for a ringtone. Thanks hope someone can help me out
    09-26-09 05:44 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    1. Decrease the number of previous items. Options > SMS Text > Number of Previous Items

    2. No idea

    3. You don't need to have BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed, but you probably need to install the USB drivers and active Mass Storage Mode. Then just copy it over to the Media Card. Won't work if you are trying to copy it to the Device Memory. Alternately, just email it to the device.
    09-26-09 05:55 PM
  3. traxxas2323's Avatar
    try a battery pull
    09-26-09 06:25 PM