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    Since we seem to be corralling all of the concepts into this subforum (and since I'm terribly bored again), I thought I might pass some hints along to prospective designers, after taking a stroll through the concepts.

    • Unless you want a mid-range phone, the Qualcomm 615 is not for you. You'd want a Qualcomm 801/810/815; the last two don't officially exist yet, but neither does your phone, does it?
    • If you want some modicum of reality, consider that your 3500 mAh battery and your 4.5mm thick phone might not be able to coexist until a few years from now.
    • You need at least some bezel. How else would you check the Hub? Unless you're planning on some conceptual UI changes to go with the phone.
    • Consider how the phone would be held in someone's hand, especially if it's got right-angled corners pushing into the palm. If you don't consider that, you get the Empathy. Do not make the Empathy.
    • How much leather is too much leather?
    • Don't forget the little things: camera flash, notification LED, a SD/SIM tray if you're sealing the back, etc. Wouldn't be a CrackBerry without that little red siren.
    • While it may look nice to have a solid piece of glass for a phone, what if you drop it?
    • How much carbon fiber is too much carbon fiber?
    • Bonus points for making a world phone. Not enough world phones these days.
    • If you're just copying and pasting parts of BB renders (or worse, other concepts), at least try to make it less obvious. Unless that's the joke, in which case, haw haw.
    • If the back is made of metal, I would recommend a sealed back with tray. Your fingernails will thank you.
    • For the most part, the "octa-core" mobile processors of today are really two quad-core processors on one chip. A fast set and a slow set, switching depending on workload. Keep that in mind.
    • There is a difference between waterproof and water resistant. If you plan on scuba diving with your BlackBerry outside of a plastic bag, pick the first one.
    • Furthermore, if you want to make your concept water(something), consider how irritating those little rubber port plugs are.
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    02-27-14 12:34 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Thanks for the tips!!!!!!
    02-27-14 04:29 PM
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    My thoughts exactly thurask, very well put.

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    02-27-14 09:04 PM

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