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    i have two pocket pc phones that i am currently trying to sell to get blackberries on the two companies i use, and i had a few questions that i wanted to ask and sorry for the questions seeming newbish but ive never owned a blackberry so its all new to me

    • i ve heard that blackberry is the king of email and i was wondering if mail from things like my gmail,premium hotmail and mail2web account would all be push based mail,

    • i have alot of emails i keep stored for reference and their atachements how do the attachments get stored can i keep them all going to a memory card

    • and as far as apps im used to a fairly open base of programs but i wanted to know if unsigned java apps could be installed and where to start looking for good blackberry apps

    and hoping the answers go well, anyone know where i can get rid of two good pocket pc phones?
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    Check out the Gmail app for BlackBerry, it might answer some of your questions.

    Unsigned java apps can be installed with the user's permission.

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