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    Woke up to an email from BlackBerry today asking for a feedback. It was nice to see that they are interested in asking what are your thoughts on BlackBerry. I am gonna highlight my answers of two major questions -

    1) How likely is that you would recommend BlackBerry to others on a scale of 1 - 10 where 10 is extremely likely and give a reason if possible?

    I gave a 7 and reason -

    Being a BlackBerry user for quite a few years, I know BB phones are good. I i am using Z10 and know it's a great phone but other people who are on iPhones/Androids dont find any compelling reason to switch to BB. Reason ? MARKETING!

    Please reach out to the market and market your products, tell them about the tiny features of BB 10 which other phones don't have. Give the sense of belonging'ness feeling to people who already have BB 10 so that they feel secured

    It's all about marketing and aggressive pricing strategy which BlackBerry needs to focus on at the moment. I am from India, and Apple have really captured the market with it's EMI plan or exchange plan. They have tied up with banks or carriers and have made their *expensive* phones available to a average human being. A person who doesn't have money is buying an iPhone instead of Z10! That's where BlackBerry needs to pick up.. Just get into the market and immerse into people's mind

    2) Are you planning to upgrade to a BB 10 smartphone ?

    I already own a BlackBerry Z10. The reason I picked this as I was getting on eBay for a very lucrative price.. And the main reason for the choice - I beleive in Blackberry and want you guys to grow, as simple as that!

    And yes, I didn't choose to stay anonymous and have agreed to be contacted by Blackberry representative for feedback in future!

    Guys, I urge you to please participate in this feedback in case you have received the email!

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    01-01-14 08:51 PM
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    I too respond to BlackBerry emails like that.
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    01-01-14 09:34 PM
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    Thanks middbrew.. All of us need to ensure we respond.. my pledge for 2014
    01-01-14 09:37 PM

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