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    I know this is a BB forum , but I just had a bad experience today, so I thought I would warn everybody about this new storm worm virus.

    On Wednesday, the FBI and its partner, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), warned against a new e-mail campaign being used by the creators of the Storm Worm botnet.

    The e-mail uses the the phrase "F.B.I. vs. Facebook" in its subject line and contains a link to view an article about the FBI and Facebook, a popular social networking website. Clicking on the link downloads malicious software onto the victim's computer.

    "The spammers spreading this virus are preying on Internet users and making their computers an unwitting part of criminal botnet activity," said the FBI in a press release. "We urge citizens to help prevent the spread of botnets by becoming web-savvy."

    The FBI is warning users not to respond to spam e-mail and not to open attachments or links provided within such e-mail, and advising them to validate the legitimacy of the e-mail by typing the organization's Web site address directly into a browser window, rather than clicking on a provided link.

    Clink on the link to read the rest of the article.

    FBI warns of new Storm worm variant | News - Security - CNET News.com
    07-30-08 07:15 PM
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    good post. actually saw this email in my spam on gmail... lucky me i saw this earlier. but good post!
    07-30-08 07:49 PM
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    Thanx for telling us! Its always a diff virus out, its hard to keep up w/ them all.

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    07-30-08 07:54 PM
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    Thanks for the heads up !

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    07-30-08 07:56 PM
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    Thanks for posting
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    Thanks for posting!
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    Good info. Thanks alot
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    Appreciate it!
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    Thanks for the post and heads up.
    07-30-08 09:36 PM
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    Thanks for the heads up!
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    Good to know. Ty

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    thanks for the heads up!
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    Appreciate the post. Always good to have info like this.
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    Thanks for the information

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