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    Please post some of you favorite Blackberry features and how to do them in this thread.

    Though many of you may know how to do this already today I found a cool group feature in contacts that can allow me to send text messages and or emails to entire predefined groups at once. Just like email mailing lists but works with sms too. If your just like I was earlier and havnt done it go into your contacts and hit the blackberry button, select new group and get started. I wasnt able to ever do that on any other phone before. How cool.
    08-07-11 07:27 PM
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    Keyboard. Nuff said.

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    08-07-11 07:37 PM
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    I like spell check. I have bad spelling, so my BB has saved me from looking illiterate several times. I tried an android phone, and the spell check sucks on them. In fact most things about android suck.

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    08-07-11 08:27 PM