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    Don't want to reinstall the OS, quite happy with it. But what's the fastest way to delete all 3rd party apps, delete all sms/mms, emails, bbm contacts, any history of any sort on the phone memory. Basically wanting it to look like new.

    I figured I have to manually uninstall the 3rd party apps. Then delete any email associated with my bb. delete contacts on bbm. delete browsing history. reset talking time on bb. delete all sms/mms and emails. Am i missing something here? My last phone back up was before the OS upgrade. which renders it useless. Unless I have to re-install the new OS, but would this take care of all history from the phone memory?
    09-16-10 06:11 PM
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    Options> Security Options> Security Wipe

    Edit: Why do you say that your last backup is useless because of an OS upgrade?
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    09-16-10 06:36 PM
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    I'm on wap so I don't see your device type or OS if you've posted it - but in all versions you should be able to go to Opetions > Security and find something like "Wipe Handheld" or "Security Wipe." Typically you will need to type the word "blackberry" to confirm. This procedure sets your BlackBerry as it was out-of-the-box except it will not downgrade the OS if you've upgraded.

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    09-16-10 06:39 PM
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    Smashing! thanks for that. spent the last hour or so deleting things manually. crackberry to the rescue!

    09-16-10 06:47 PM
  5. hibanzai's Avatar
    Options> Security Options> Security Wipe

    Edit: Why do you say that your last backup is useless because of an OS upgrade?
    Well my last backup was done before installing the new OS, in case things didn't go as planned. Since the successful OS upgrade I didn't make a new backup. I wanted to go back to the stage after I installed the new OS. BB was like new, with nothing on it except a brand new OS5.

    Must learn to backup now every time.
    09-16-10 06:50 PM
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    Ok, I'm still a little confused with what you're wanting to do though. If all you want is your BB with OS 5 on it then you can use any backup to restore all your information, or just your contacts or anything else you want. I've been using and updating the same backup file since my first BB more than a year and a half ago, a 9530 on OS 4.7 to a 9550, 9630, 9650, all through many OS updates. It's all compatible...

    Now if you just want to start fresh with an out-of box BB then follow the instructions we listed.
    09-16-10 06:59 PM
  7. the_sandman_454's Avatar
    You can also use the desktop manager's backup/restore feature to remove select databases alone and leave other ones alone if you use the advanced option.

    I guess I don't understand why you want to clear everything out, but any backup file you have availble to you will work suitably for putting information on your BB. OS is irrelevant.
    09-16-10 08:45 PM