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    As usual, some feedback of French reviews after #BBWC.
    Overall perception is good, pointing out that RIM made a clean sweep of its OS ala Microsoft, and that - while final BB10 isn't unveiled - the three demos were pretty impressive and stating that BB10 won't be "just an evolution" but rather a brand new concept, notably with the "flow" experience.

    As an illustration, there's 3 pages dedicated to the event on one of the most famous web tech review : 01.net. As it is quite long and in French, here are some chewed contents (hope the translation is average enough to make these readable) :
    The full article, for French readers : BlackBerry 10 sur les startings blocks [1/3]

    For RIM, the future is - for several months already - BlackBerry10, the new version of the operating system of its smartphones, which literally breaks with the past (the apps are not compatible). Blackberry 10 is in fact an evolution of the operating system of the tablet playbook and has nothing in common with the old BlackBerry OS which only includes services (such as BBM and email functions) [...] RIM has finally adopted the same strategy as Microsoft to wipe the slate clean and start again from scratch, even arriving very late in the game ...

    RIM is well aware that, to regain its market share, it's not only with beautiful devices, but also real innovations. To contradict all those who think that Apple has already invented everything, and that mobility nothing can surprise us, RIM has engaged in an astonishing performance. Without really revealing its new user interface, the manufacturer has literally astounded observers with three small demonstrations. Three small demos to show not only that RIM is still able to innovate, but especially in terms of mobile scenarios, there is still much to create and invent.

    The centerpiece of the SDK (Software Development Kit or SDK), is the Cascade Framework. It was it who taught the fluidity and richness BB10 visual applications. It was it who defines the outline of the new ergonomics with its action bar, the sidebar philosophy and especially the famous "Flow" (inherited from the concept of Super Apps BB OS 7) and allows apps to 'chain' seamlessly without the user having the impression (or even awareness) to have swapped between apps. This fluidity avoids the use of copy and paste and manually switching between multiple apps (something that most iPad users have still not figured out how to implement).
    Man should say "SDK
    s" rather than one SDK. The idea of ​​BlackBerry is to allow each developer to come with its existing codes rather than imposing a new framework or a new language. The aim is obviously to make porting applications so easy that developers will see no reason to snub the platform:
    - Most mobile developers will adopt the solution development in QT and QML that simplifies the creation of cross platform mobile apps.
    - For HTML5 and JavaScript developers, the new version of WebWorks to create native applications which incorporate the look and feel of native applications BB10.
    - For game developers, the tools are fully integrated into Visual Studio. Result: developers can directly target and BB 10 playbook together they create their games for Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, etc..
    The least we can say is that RIM has not sought to expose the bare minimum of what he prepares for his generation of BlackBerry devices 10 expected in the second half of 2012. The prototype is powered with an alpha version of the OS stripped of all applications and any interface. [...] The device seemed considerably
    swifter than a playbook (which is already very fast with his heart dual processor 1 GHz) suggesting that it is equipped with a processor running at a higher frequency [...] the screen resolution is higher than the playbook, which gives it a very important point density (356 dpi). .
    Three small demos and that's it ... Just enough to make your mouth water!
    In a mobile world where competition is fierce, RIM did not take the risk of revealing too soon its new system. [...] Even if some ideas are not entirely new, they have marked the minds of visitors of the BlackBerry World 2012 and demonstrated that in terms of mobility, many things are yet to be invented ...
    BlackBerry is the leading expert in global cellular physical keyboard
    , so that the company has always struggled to address the revolution at all touch. Things change with BB10 which the virtual keyboard is amazing.
    BlackBerry extends the concept of super-apps with technology at the heart of the system called Flow. This is to allow applications to pass information without copying and pasting and without the user being aware of having changed application. The transitions are fluid and natural, giving the impression that applications can do everything, when in reality they complement each other.
    The fluidity is not only visual, it is also in the way we use the terminal application with all its richness. An idea that is somewhat reminiscent of the Android Intents and much the "Share Bar Contracts and Windows 8, but the implementation here is much more transparent to the user.
    The camera actually
    records three seconds of images. It just select one of the faces of the photo and go back in time frame to select the perfect expression.
    The demonstration is very dramatic, but the functionality is not entirely new. The same idea with an application called iOS Scalado Rewind. But here is a standard feature of the system.

    Nice FRogs, eh ?

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    Positive news is great news. Stepping stones lead to stairs to walls, to ceilings, to blocks, to BIG STRUCTURES!!

    Just wait and see...
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