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    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to create a BlackBerry 10 Device of my dreams so i started messing around in google sketchup and came up with the following designs.... i kept tweaking them until i finally ran out of skill.

    i was inspired by the Wraparound screen concept by John Anastasiadis, and i would really like if he or some other talented designer could take these up and give them the finishing touches.

    I tried to keep the designs simple and practical.

    Picture 01

    The First is the "Curved Curve" its Curvy....sadly i dont know how to draw a screen on this one its too curvy for modifications

    Pictures 02 and 03

    The second is a Proper Curve, its a Mid-Range device and should come in a range of colors, important for this device to be Thin and fashionable. The rounded Edge sits in the palm of your hand for maximum comfort and ease of Swiping Gestures with the thumb, ideal for one handed use, Upgrade shows a full length of glass not unlike the new Xperia lineup, and a curvy notification LED.

    Picture 04

    Curve lineup also features the "Curve SideSLide" this would be a little thicker than the touch only curve, but it accommodates a landscape sliding keyboard, notice the iconic metallic frets which stay true to its BlackBerry roots

    Picture 05

    The Blackberry Bold SideSLide . Flagship Device. Same design Philosophy as the Curve but this features a larger screen but the keyboard is the same size, giving us space on sides for Four convenience keys, and 2 Trackpad esque "Gesture Pads", The Keyboard also a features an extended bottom lip which is diferent from the curve, this allows easier thumb reach while typing, and also gives space to include stereo speakers

    Edit: Porsche Design Coming Soon
    Attached Thumbnails [Fan Based Concept] Blackberry 10 Devices-autosave_curvilicious-9.jpg   [Fan Based Concept] Blackberry 10 Devices-bold-9999-2.jpg  
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