1. snsethy's Avatar
    Did anyone else win the 4-pack of Blackberries from the Facebook competition? Mine will be here Thursday and I was wondering which 4 were included.

    03-27-12 02:07 PM
  2. _MissV_'s Avatar
    no, didn't win, wish I did though. Please update when you do get yours.
    03-27-12 03:24 PM
  3. gkl's Avatar
    Yup, me too. I'm really pretty excited.
    03-27-12 08:45 PM
  4. Blondie_leves's Avatar
    Yes, I won also. Mine will be delivered Wednesday. The official prize on facebook says they will all be 9930's/4 of them. With 4 months of data.

    I'm rather suprised mine is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. We just got emails this morning with the tracking information. They were shipped a few days ago. My guess is they all were shipped at the same day.

    I still don't see a winner for the Final Challenge .

    What would be even more exciting is if they send out QNX phones by accident. (Doubtful) One can only dream right? LOL!

    What do you all plan on doing with your four? I'm giving one to my bestest friend. Keeping one for me! Giving on for a school silent auction. The fourth will be given for our local Special Olympics silent auction.

    So not only did I win, but am giving 2 for good causes. I'm pretty excited about that too & was even more thrilled they are being delivered on time for the events.
    03-27-12 09:10 PM
  5. Michelle Haag's Avatar
    Wow that's awesome, congratulations you guys!
    03-27-12 09:20 PM
  6. Blondie_leves's Avatar
    Thanks .

    Now I finally can make my friend a blackberry addict just like me. Ha, ha.

    -I'll try and get a picture for crackberry to see. I'm stoked! Never won a prize so big.
    03-27-12 10:20 PM
  7. Blondie_leves's Avatar
    They came! I ended up with two Curve 9370's, and two bold 9930's. Plus the 4 $50 Verizon Wireless gift cards. Sweeeeeet! Famntastic!
    03-28-12 11:05 AM
  8. blueyestm's Avatar
    I never even heard about this contest :?

    Congrats to you guys.
    03-28-12 11:07 AM
  9. Blondie_leves's Avatar
    Thank you! It was on Blackberry's Fan page. .
    03-28-12 11:17 AM
  10. Michelle Haag's Avatar
    I never even heard about this contest :?

    Congrats to you guys.
    We posted it on the blogs when it started as well... They seem to do a lot of contests on the BlackBerry Facebook page, and frequently on their Twitter as well.

    03-28-12 11:42 PM
  11. gkl's Avatar
    I just got word from the wife that they have landed on the front door. I can't wait to get home! D@mned VoIP install at work is going to keep me late tonight.
    03-30-12 05:49 PM
  12. gkl's Avatar
    Wow, that install took way too long and I didn't get home until about 1am. When I got home I was too tired to activate but will get around to it soon. Here is the prize...
    03-31-12 10:12 AM
  13. _MissV_'s Avatar
    You all are sooooo lucky! I'm jealous. I didn't win the BBs nor that dang lotto

    Congrats again!
    03-31-12 10:26 AM
  14. rdroyer's Avatar
    I know this is late but I got mine a couple weeks ago, haven't put it down since. I gave one of the Curves to my sister, who was reluctant to accept it as this is her first smart phone. I do believe she is enjoying it, just going to take her a while to break out its full potential though. I sold the other Curve and Bold on eBay as I am a college student and could use the money.

    I absolutely love the new Bold, especially compared to my 8530. All my friends have been dogging me on it but I e-mail and text so much that I wouldn't be able to handle an all-touch phone. I tried the Droid Incredible, great phone, lot of apps, and an amazing camera, but terrible keyboard. Sold that and went with the 8530 and now I'm on the 9930 and I don't think I'll need a new phone for a long time coming.

    Sent from wherever I am using my 9930
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    04-15-12 06:52 PM
  15. petee76's Avatar
    So this is real? I received the email saying I won and to send the declaration. Kind of nervous about it. Please enlighten me anyone. How long after you submitted the declaration did you find out if you actual won? Did it cost you guys anything?
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    04-23-12 07:37 PM