1. sito's Avatar
    WARNING: fake Youtube page is circulating around the web. It ask user to download software. It installs spyware on your pc or bb

    Fake YouTube pages used to spread viruses - Yahoo! Canada News

    I just want to alert everyone.
    10-09-08 04:08 PM
  2. uncheels23's Avatar
    Thanks for the heads up

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    10-09-08 04:11 PM
  3. John Yester's Avatar
    Hmm weird. Amazing what people develop for this kind of crap......

    Web Fraud 2.0: Fake YouTube Page Maker Helps Spread Malware - Security Fix
    10-09-08 04:15 PM
  4. johnmorganjr1's Avatar
    Thanks for the info...I'll let my kids know for sure.
    10-09-08 04:52 PM
  5. Reed McLay's Avatar
    In short, the malaceous YouTube page directs you to "Update your software" and provides you with a convenient link.

    A new version of Adobe Flash player? Many will be caught by that one, it's the social engineering.

    On the positive side, that particular one would generated so much buzz if it were offered for BlackBerry. Every BlackBerry user is secretly waiting for a good Flash player.
    10-09-08 05:48 PM