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    Well after staying in the fight for over 2 years with my 8530 and since late last year with my Playbook, I have abandoned ship and jumped to the Android world. With absolutely nothing on the market of either high quality or interest IMO, and boosted by the delay(s) in BB10, it was a fairly easy choice, and I have no regrets. Hopefully, RIM can recover and make a class leading and revolutionary product as I believe competition breeds excellence. Right now, our favorite Canadian company is not even in the ring let alone the fight.
    For the time being, I will still use my 8530 (as a remote control) with my Playbook, but since I really need a bigger screen for work, a droid tablet may be in the works as well.

    We'll see what happens over the next 2 years...
    07-20-12 08:55 PM
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    Awesome. Your ideas intrigue me. I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
    07-20-12 09:03 PM
  3. RUFFSTUFF1's Avatar
    The revolution will not be televised.
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    07-20-12 09:14 PM
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    This is were you should have posted you comments.

    07-20-12 09:16 PM
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    I do think we will see more posts like this in the coming months.

    Shouldn't shock folks so much.

    07-20-12 09:18 PM
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    07-20-12 09:25 PM