03-18-16 08:33 PM
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    The major problem with BB10 is lack of apps. This is a fact. Facebook itself does not have a native BB10 app. However, the BB10 purist, argue that they don't need apps. You would rather use the browser. You got what you asked for. Who says BlackBerry doesn't listen. This list of apps pulling out of Blackberry is growing... And you asked for it...
    Actually we didn't I believe people said they get by with it because of lack thereof. So don't confuse people "I get by with" for "I don't need"

    Go back to Android central

    By my fab z30
    03-17-16 03:38 PM
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    This may not work for everyone, but it's a start.

    I changed my Facebook notifications to email me the notifications that I want to see. Since there an email, it shows up in the hub.

    Since I was signed into Facebook with on the browser shortcut, it took me right where I needed to go. If it's a new post for a group I'm in, I get it. If it's a reply to a comment I made I get them. It goes right to it when I click on it.

    It's a work around, but us BlackBerry users are used to working around the issues that BlackBerry has.

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    03-18-16 08:33 PM
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