1. vinzoi28's Avatar
    this is all about my BB phone... i have this BB curve 9300 3G phone... i just had this problem today... im using my BB phone for almost 2 months already but i just got this problem today... im using my facebook, when i tried to log-in, i keep receiving this error, "FACEBOOK LOG-IN SESSION HAS EXPIRED"... i did some basic troubleshooting, powercycled the phone, refreshed my device... unsinstalled the FACEBOOK application, then reinstalled it again... but still my phone's doing the same thing...

    is this a common problem for Blackberry facebook??? thanks...
    10-14-11 12:39 AM
  2. Mastec's Avatar
    I've had my BB just over 2 months and use the BB FaceBook app more than I do the PC, haven't seen this error on my end.
    10-14-11 04:55 AM