1. Chuthay's Avatar

    Yes I may be the only person who doesn't own a berry but I have way to many questions about it......so if you can help out it would be great.

    1. I've been offer a 250mb plan for 15 (on top of 20 dollar talk plan) from telus....Is this enough for adequate email or surfing?

    2.Its an unlimited email and web plan plus 250 mb a month...Can someone explain this...(does this mean any email coming in wont use up any of the 250mb) and any internet surfin will use the 250?...

    3. Can i possible have access to email WITHOUT getting a data plan?

    and thats it for now...i think ....

    Thank you everyone!
    11-21-07 08:50 PM
  2. JMD's Avatar
    don't you mean 25meg?

    250 meg is massive you could surf and email till you drop and never use it, even 25meg is massive you could send and recieve thousands of emails a month

    and you need a data plan to get e mails
    11-21-07 09:08 PM
  3. juwaack68's Avatar
    250 IS a lot....I use about 100Meg in a month, but that is emails, texting, internet, and some tethering.
    11-21-07 09:28 PM