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    Hello I am trying to find a solution for a client. He has had a BB for the last 10 years and is wanting to move to Android. The only thing holding him back is losing all his email history. I am looking for a solution to export every email sent and received from his BB email address into Outlook.

    Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    01-11-13 02:51 PM
  2. ONetwork's Avatar
    Bumping, hopefully someone can help me out.
    01-12-13 01:59 PM
  3. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    Unless he forwards each email separately. The emails in the <carriername>.blackberry.net are only stored on the device and are not stored any wheres else. Incidentally, is he using an address other than the bb.net address? If so they should still in the actual email account on that server possibly.
    01-12-13 05:53 PM

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