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    Is there a way to export all my text messages from Blackberry and import them into an Android phone?

    The text messages on my Blackberry are split between the native Blackberry SMS client and CrunchSMS. If I could export at least one of those two (but preferably both), that would be really sweet.

    I know there are third party tools to export texts into a spreadsheet, but I want them to actually show up in my new phone with all the original attributes.
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    11-17-10 02:18 AM
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    Bump on this,

    Any success? I have tried numerous programs and solutions online but nothing seems to work. I recently moved from my BB 9900 to an android..
    07-26-12 08:40 PM
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    No updates, I gave up. I have saved the old BlackBerry backup file in my archives just in case something is discovered in the future. The lesson learned is to use Google Voice for all my texting, so that the SMS history resides in the cloud and is completely device independent.
    09-28-12 04:11 PM
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    Lame, thanks for letting me know though
    09-29-12 01:42 PM
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    You can certainly do this if you have a Blackberry backup. Simply use a backup extractor software like Blackberry Backup Extractor that can extract the messages from the backup. You can easily import the messages into Android later on.
    10-21-12 03:26 PM
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    Try this - Sync Contacts to Android. Probably this may help.

    Regards, Mohit [Admin] The Geek Solutions
    10-27-13 09:31 PM