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    I cannot figure this out for the life of me. Today, I reorganized my Outlook exchange inbox by separating it into 9 subfolders. I then set up my BB to redirect emails into the subfolders on the device, turned off "hide read messages," etc. so that I could see the subfoldered messages on my BB.

    The problem is, the way my current (re: already read) emails show up on the device is inconsistent.

    I've read different reports stating that when you create subfolders on a BB, those subfolders only receive messages that arrive after the redirection process is completed. Thus, even though I can see 50 emails in "Subfolder A" in Outlook 2007, my BB should show an empty folder until a new email comes in that lands in Subfolder A.

    Here's the issue: The theoretic behavior stated above is NOT what is actually occurring. Instead, some of my subfolders are populated with emails dating back many months (read: these emails came in way before I set up my BB for subfolders). Equally as strange, even though I used the same method to set up all the subfolders in Outlook, some of the corresponding subfolders on the BB are either empty or have 3 or 4 emails, rather than the 50+ that I can see when viewing in Outlook. I've reconciled all the email boxes and redirected correctly;I simply do not understand what is going on.

    In case it helps in the diagnosis of the problem, after setting up the filter rules in Outlook today, I ran the new rules on my entire inbox, which organized my current emails into their respective subfolders. As stated above, on the BB, some of the subfolders show all or most of my current emails, but other subfolders are almost completely empty.

    What is going on here with the inconsistency? I want to be able to view all the emails I placed into subfolders the same way on my BB.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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