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    I have two questions as below.

    1. I'm curious the expected q'ty(or ratio) of each model in 2014.
    Q5, Q10, Z30, Z3, and BB7..

    2. I was told that BB7 sales Q'ty was much more than BB10 in 2013.
    Then, which model in BB7 sales the most?

    Thank you!!
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    02-17-14 10:33 PM
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    Not a numbers man so bumping this for those that are
    02-22-14 03:39 AM
  3. Poirots Progeny's Avatar
    Blackberry would be better by not focusing on numbers and expectations, rather shore up the business and galvanise an internal restructuring, do that they may be the best they can be. Expectations are detrimental to their market presence. Rather they knuckle down and produce the best slider they can!!!!

    I really want a slider

    I hope this is blackberry's year and it is a hell of a lot better than 2013. Fingers crossed.

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    02-22-14 04:24 AM
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    I'll wait for the official Jakarta announcement.
    02-22-14 04:28 AM

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