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    My existential doubt, is that to see any kind of unlocking the BB, from 8100 forward, you'll likely do it for and buy the IMEI code, in theory, so I understand, is by IMEI code and a final a software that would take data from the operator, IMEI, RF, etc. .. the computer code to unlock a final
    first of all .. I am presenting is my first post and would like to learn more about the world of BB, so I enrolled in this forum

    the issue is for 2 questions
    1) Is there some sort of software that provides the basic elements (algorithms) for the solution of the final release of code? obviously adding to hand the rest of the information (code related to the operator, IMEI etc) and results were obtained after the introduction of the data for the final unlock code

    it is assumed that there must be some sort of program with algorithms, I guess so that they do different pages that provide service to remote unlocking of blackberrys in the world ...

    if this is not possible ....

    2) ¿What device (box, sim) is capable of releasing various blackberrys available until 9000 even when it?
    gretting and thanks
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    Sorry these questions are way over my head. Yikes.

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    I'm curious about your writing style, Neo. Do you find that people outside of your circle of friends scratch their heads trying to understand you? My comment about it is that simplicity is usually a more effective way to communicate. You say you want to learn more about the world of BlackBerry but your writing style makes it very hard for many people to understand you.

    That said:
    No, I do not believe there is an app for BlackBerries or PCs that will allow one to enter their information and get the unlock code for a given device to use at home -- either over the air or for download. I don't know enough about the way providers generate unlock codes for devices to answer your questions concretely, but I would guess they do have software to do it, but it isn't in their interest to release it for all of us to use. I think for the time being, we are forced to either pay someone to get the codes for our individual devices, or to contact providers directly to get the code from those willing to give them out.

    I'm not sure if I understood your questions to give the answers you seek. Set my berries free!!!

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    Huh? You what?
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    LOL! That went over my head also. Anyways though Welcome to Crackberry.

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    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    Movistar is a Latin American carrier. I presume OP is using translation software, hence the peculiar word selection and grammar.

    I am not certain, but I suspect the unlock code is drawn from a database as opposed to an algorithm. The folks that sell unlock codes would have access to that database.
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    That explains a lot, lol. I wonder if the OP can understand the answers, existential or not, haha. It was kind of like talking with HAL.

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