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    Does Outlook (address book) have precedence over the device? My boss had to switch from 8330 to a 8830WE for a trip and apparently the phone contained contacts that were not his.

    What I need to know is: if I delete the contact list, then resync with Exchange, will those unwanted contacts be part of Outlook on his computer?
    Also, is there a setting that will allow what is in Outlook to "override" what is in the phone? Any help would be appreciated.
    04-24-09 09:05 AM
  2. roeod4's Avatar
    This will help you with the BB and outlook. I don't know about Exchange. IF you are running on BIS this will work no problem. If you are running on BES then this may not help. I will admit to not knowing much about exchange because I have never used it.

    Using desktop manager you can delete his contact list all in one shot. Connect the BB to the desktop (make sure you cancel out of anything trying to sync). In DM go to Back up and restore. Then select advanced. This will bring up a database of what is on his bb. Select Address Book and you can transfer it over to the computer for safe keeping (recommended) and then delete it.

    Now you can resync with outlook and it will upload all of his contacts.

    To make Outlook override the address book on the phone, go into the DM. Click on synchronize (BB must be connected) and on the left select synchronization under Configuration. Then click on the synchronization button on the right. Click on address book to highlight it and then click on setup. Hit next for the first page because Microsoft Outlook should already be selected. On the next screen you will select One way sync to Device and then click next. Then hit next again and then finish.
    04-24-09 10:03 AM