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    Here's a very nice article on the BB10 OS superior capabilities over everyone else......I couldn't have said it better.


    Here's are a few examples that are trueand fair-- and clearly point out whythe BB10 devices are superior for both business andconsumer users by showing people why you win in everydaysituations. Situations that I've all experienced in the last couple of months and all of which really matterto real people, not just techno-geeks.
    The Z10 (and I presume the Q10) have cutting-edgeRF. Better than anyother device in the "smartphone" category I have evertested. So take one and a competitor's phone (you know damn well which one to use!) to a marginalservice area, stage a "flat tire", and then do the old "Can you hear me now?"phone call. For good measure make the person in the car a cute young woman with a flat tire in a ****typart of town with some menacing young men headed her way.....

    The Z10has outrageously fastLTE support. I hit a sustained30Mbps in the last week in Detroit. While I've seen other people talking about 10Mbps data rates with other devices (e.g. Galaxy and iPhone) I've seen nobodytalk about 30Mbps rates. That's three timesfaster than the commonly-published numbers and faster than my homebroadband! And this is with today's carrier hardware on a real road while moving at 70mph -- not pie-in-the-sky stuff that is not yet in the wild or in a lab somewhere. Take the other devices, and the Z10, to one of those places that's lit and do a nice big file transfer side-by-side. Can you download me now?
    Time shift camera. Family picture time. Take a nice landscape-aspect picture of a half-dozen people and then use time shift to get the instance where nobody has their eyes closed. Good luck with the other devices on that. Hoh hoh hoh.
    I left my Excel Spreadsheet at the office by accident; forgot to put it on the laptop. Oh darn. So on the Z-10 (or Q-10) you simply connect to your desktop machineat your office and click the filename, and voila -- it opens on the phone in the built-in app. For good measure make it a PowerPoint and plug the HDMI cord into a projector at the client's office. Contrast against the cluster**** that ensues when you try to accomplish that with an IOS or Android device. Joe closes the sale as if nothing ever happened; Jack loses the $10 million contract.
    From today, and a real kick in the balls for the young adult set that relies on their music: You're plugged into your car stereo listening to music. A text message comes in. Is your music interrupted? On the Z-10 the answer is no. On the Android device, even the current 4.2.x JellyBean devices it sure as hell is and it really sucks! This one will blow the young people's minds and reach directlyto what matters to them. Just get in the car, link the phone (Bluetooth streaming if you don't want to to plug into the headphone jack), start playing your music and then have someone send a staccato set of text messages to youand watch the hilarity ensue. My kid (who has my SGS-II) phone with official JellyBean on it had the phone jacked into the car stereo this afternoon and had this very thing happen, despite the Android apologists right here on my forumclaiming this was fixed in current Android releases. No it's not and it's damnedannoying -- enough so that it got herpissed off. BB10 handles this correctlyand leaves your music undisturbed; I know because I use Bluetooth streaming dailywhile on my bike or jogging and never have my music broken up.
    There are plenty more. The nice example I had in my car last week grabbing a hotel room under AWFUL RF conditions would be a great one, but re-creating it might be a challenge. I suspect the bottom line is that on an Android or iPhone device it simply wouldn't have worked at all as they couldn't have held enough signal to manage to move data of any sort. But I didn't happen to have one handy to try with at the time. Nonetheless the old "background app closed out from under you" game that Android plays can probably be demonstrated to good effect as well.

    Put me in charge of marketing for BlackBerry for three months and tell me I can kick the competition in the nuts with impunity, provided I clearlyam fair (that is, I don't fakeanything) and I'll trash both Android and the iPhone sales while sending BlackBerry's sales soaring.

    BlackBerry has the superior devices but nobody knows why they win for everyday uses, both consumer and business.

    Posted via the Super BlackBerry Z10
    07-01-13 05:43 AM
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    Interesting points. There are lots of useful features on the BB10 phones that are simply better than the competition. They're not really marketed well, but trusting a guy from some website maybe isn't the best way to go. BB should certainly look at improving the way they market their devices though.
    07-01-13 06:19 AM

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