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    I am trying to look for a specific entry on a specific day in the event log (ALT + lglg) on BB device. Does anyone know how long the event log history is (e.g. Windows Event Log keeps a history for a least a couple weeks by default)? And does anyone know how to search for a specific entry? Does the event log history get automatically cleared after a soft reset?

    The entry and it's value I'm looking for is two days old. So copying the day's log will be useless as it is more than one day old. I have made a soft reset in inbetween. I hope this can be found cause I am trying to troubleshoot.

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    Download CrackUtil from here: http://forums.crackberry.com/f35/crackutil-85617/

    This utility will allow you to read the entire log and copy it into a text file on your pc that you can search. It also has a clear log function, but at the moment that feature is not working. Pete is aware of the problem.
    11-01-08 12:55 PM